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      Translation in Teams

      First, we would like to make clear that we are not a traditional translation agency, but a network of professional translators distributed around the world, who are accustomed to working both individually and in teams. Our commitment to our partners and customers is well known among those who know our work. Our vibrant translation network efficiently distributes translations according to the availability, specialization, expertise and resources of individual translators. Our geographical distribution allows us to take advantage of time zone differences to meet the tightest deadlines and requirements. We are highly flexible and we pride ourselves on working with partners who value quality, who choose to work in an environment of mutual respect, and who are willing to communicate openly.

      How our proven team concept works

      A designated Xinyitong representative manages the customer relationship, defining the project requirements (deadline, style, terminology, target audience and other factors). Based on this information, a freelancer performs project administration, distributing files among all the translators involved, including the proofreader, who will make the final quality check. Every project has a dedicated technical assistant, accessible to all team members. The project manager verifies the final translation and delivers it to the customer. Some related tasks are creating a bilingual glossary, and sourcing reference material or law excerpts. Google searching has become second nature for all our translators. This set of complementary skills promotes the smooth management of your translation project through effective team communication, and helps us maintain high quality standards while keeping in close touch with you, our customer.


      “Googling” is a neologism, or invented word, to describe the act of searching on Google for the bank of essential information Xinyitong translators use to give your translation greater relevance and authority.